Where to find escorts in Australia

Australia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. English-speaking, good weather, and with friendly people its thriving and unique, laid-back culture gives it that edge over other destinations, and it’s clear to see why just over nine million people visited in 2019 alone.

Its cities are rammed with easy-to-afford, available hotels. Whilst travel there right now isn’t possible, many will be waiting for the moment they are able to travel again.

Australia, as you can imagine, also has a flourishing escort and adult entertainment scene thanks to its free-flowing, open sexual culture. Here is a rundown on where to find escorts within some of the biggest cities down under.

Escorts in Sydney, New South Wales
Sydney – the most populous city in both Australia and Oceania – is a thriving city with great nightlife, bars and, of course, a fantastic escort scene.

Sydney is home to the notorious Kings Cross area of town, known for its many pole clubs, sex shops, and other establishments. For those not wanting to partake, there are also a number of other generic nightclubs that are friendly to a wide audience.

The area is very much recognised as the red-light district of the city – similar to those seen in Amsterdam and Hamburg in Europe – and is plentiful with escorts and other sex workers.

Sydney escorts are numerous and can be found across the red-light district, as well as in various other areas across the city.

Escorts in Melbourne, Victoria
Melbourne – capital of the state of Victoria – is another rich city with a vibrant nightlife and escort scene.

Much of the city’s nightlife is focused around areas such as Brunswick Street, Johnson Street, and Fitzroy street. St Kilda, though, is generally recognised as being the city’s main red-light district, but is also seen as a very rough area of town. The streets are busy in the evenings, with many people going on nights out – and always looking for something afterwards.

With regards to Melbourne escorts, they are easy to find either in person around the more vocal and rowdy areas or, of course, online.

Escorts in Perth, Western Australia
Perth – capital of the state of Western Australia – is incredibly popular among tourists, both for work and pleasure duties. With a number of big universities as well as huge corporations based in the city, its population – the fourth biggest in the country – is incredibly diverse, making it an interesting mix.

Northbridge – as the name would suggest, north of the bridge and the train station – is the suburb of Perth with the most active nightlife with a variety of different pubs, bars and nightclubs. Some of the most recognisable names are Library, Paramount, Geisha, among others.

Clubs in Northbridge, though, can be somewhat expensive for entrance – some charging $5, some a lot more. Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are generally considered the most active nights in the centre of Perth.

Escorts in Perth can be found predominantly in and around the Northbridge area, as well as elsewhere in the city.