Brilliant Miracles At Brilliant Speaking

In my work of writing and speaking I teach people how to release their fears and learn to trust the innate Divinity within them a course in miracles audio.

I went to the five-day Mark Victor Hansen’s Brilliant Speaking Seminar with sleeping conventions for only one night, the first night. I traveled via planes 3, 000 miles, undecided of where I would sleep for the other four nights of the conference. Being the cordial person I am, I figured that I’d ask and folks would be happy to let me share a bedroom with them.

On the second day, knowing I needed a place to sleep, I was engaged in conversation with a beautiful young Ebony woman who was there as a guest of one of the speakers. She was not there to attend the whole event. In the course of our brief conversation I told her my situation, expecting it will always be interest and compassion for my plight.

Quite unexpectedly she said that she would be delighted to pay for a nights’ stay at the hotel. “Wow! ” I thought. I felt so much gratitude as i was filled with delightful surprise.

Later that night in my room I wondered what other miracles may occur morning. I was beaming at what seemed like a miracle earlier at the conference.

Morning I was at the Registration Presentation space to ask a question about getting to the elevators. While standing there an assistant handed an envelope. “Here are the keys. ” She announced, “For tonight at the hotel. It’s from an unseen giver. ”

“Oh My! Wow! ” Actually, it was a “WOW! WOW! ” I felt loved and so blessed. I was truly in awe.

Every day you could see me dragging my bag through the halls and hotel lobby leaving it at the back of the conference room until I knew where my next stay would happen.

“Only one more night” I thought to myself, “Saturday. ” The seminar ended on Wednesday. I was in suspense about where I would get to sleep Friday night so i asked a girl who started talking to me. “Do you have a king-size bed? Or do you have two double beds? ”

“I have two double beds. ” she responded. “Can I adhere to you tonight? ” I asked. “Of course, you are welcome to adhere to me. I was so absolved. Now I could stop wondering where I was going to sleep and get on with enjoying the seminar to the fullest. Whew!

I had lots of other miracles occur. The length of this article limits me sharing them all.

I’ll end with the Brilliant Miracle that topped off the entire blessed, profound and incredible event. I went to a ‘Breakout Session’ on Wednesday morning at 7: 30 a. d. The presenter was awesome. This twenty seven-year old man, who use to sell vacuum cleaners, is now a millionaire in reference to his own private airplane. He teaches people how to expand their business through the power of the internet. He also teaches develop your lists, sell products, position your web pages, set up auto responders and so on. The information he presented at the Breakout Session was very informative. This guy really occupied us with great information for moving our online business forward.

He will work with you and a few others personally for a weekend at the cost of $5, 500. But this morning he offered Brilliant participants a discount for a final price of $3, 497. Money has been a life-long issue for me and I’m finding out trust and have faith in healing my prosperity concerns.

A fellow participant asked me, “Are you probably do it? ” “I’d love to. ” I replied. “I just don’t have enough money. ” I lamented. “I’ll do it for you. You were given it! ” He affirmed with vigor. I was blown out of the water and out of the stratosphere!

The generous giver is a doctor, an author and he wrote the check out right then and there.

It was really funny when a bunch of other people was standing around listening to what was going on and he indicated his finger at them in a way that only Bill Clinton can and resounded, “I did not have sex with this woman! ” Everyone roared with laughter. He was simply a generous man and we were both open to manifesting the Holy Spirit in our lives.

Miracles abounded everywhere.

The speakers gave of themselves and fully shared their knowledge.

Art Linkletter, at 94 years of age, shared his journey and told us that the “Rest of your lives could be the Best of your Lives. ” His mental acuity was remarkable. It gave us all a new vision of what growing older can be. He revealed to us that possibilities and productivity are endless.

More and more I am practicing what I write about in my inspirational book, “Messages to Awaken yourself. ” The book expounds on the lyrics of a great musical CD, A Musical Messenger, by DeeJazz. I am awakening to my true identity, which is the Spirit of the Great One. I help others to do the same. I deserve every good thing even as you do.